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Over the course of our careers, we have honed our ability to identify and partner with successful businesses that will benefit from our expertise. We have also built a broad and diverse investment base of high-net-worth individuals, family investment offices and institutional equity and debt sources.

While we clearly believe in our abilities, we are not the only ones. Owners of partner companies have sought to create unique structural ways of working together – uncommon in the institutional Private Equity investment landscape – because of the perceived value added that we bring to their companies. Investors who have invested in AVC Partners’ portfolio companies have returned to invest in other, unrelated AVC Partners’ portfolio companies. Intermediaries who introduce us to unique situations often do so without introducing any other potential investors into the mix. We believe this is a strong testament to the integrity, expertise, and success of AVC Partners.

Transparency is vital to everything we do. It is not only important in our communications with business owners, but also with our investors. Investors are made aware of how, where and why capital is being utilized and our contribution does not end with strategic and operational excellence. We are investing our own capital along with the capital of our investment base, because we are fully committed to accelerating value creation and to the long-term success of our portfolio companies. Our investments are structured so that we only succeed once our partners have achieved a successful investment outcome.