Our Focus

At AVC Partners, we focus on successful, high potential lower-middle market companies. The niche businesses with $5 million to $15 million EBITDA, operate in North America and that have strong domestic and/or international growth prospects. We are particularly excited about businesses that have significant potential to scale and realize outsized value creation. We concentrate our efforts on businesses in the following categories:

  • Family-owned/closely held businesses that wish to scale by embracing external, experienced support.
  • Developing companies that need experienced leadership.
  • Niche companies with the potential to dominate their industry.
  • Corporate business carve-outs requiring management experience/oversight to seamlessly stand on their own.
  • Majority investment approach (or a defined path to majority investment).



Target Industries

At AVC Partners, we target businesses in the Business Services, Transportation/Logistics and Distribution Services & Light Manufacturing industries. These industries are the best fit for our expertise, insight, longstanding relationships and our ability to access talented, proven resources.

Business Services

  • Facilities Services
  • BPO Services: Support Services
  • Recycling Services


  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing and Fulfillment

Distribution Services & Light Manufacturing

  • Distribution Services
  • Light Manufacturing